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Surf lifesaving sports
and Maccabiah team

ILSF Event July 20 2022-7750.jpg

Surf lifesaving is an international sport, and one of Israel Life Saving Federation's goals is establishing this exciting water sport in Israel. Surf lifesaving competitions were held for the first time as an exhibition sport as part of the Maccabiah Games on July 20th and 21st at Poleg Beach, Netanya, at the Maccabiah Village.

An initiative of the Israel Life Saving Federation, Maccabi World Union has introduced Competitive Lifesaving Sports as a new exhibition sport in the 2022 Maccabiah. The events were hosted by the ILSF, a nonprofit volunteer-based organization and member of the International Life Saving Federation (comprising 148 national federations), that seeks to prevent drownings through education and practical courses for all age groups.

Surf lifesaving is a multi-faceted sport and social movement that combines surf awareness, swimming, lifesaving techniques and general fitness, based on the iconic Australian model for surf life saving and water safety. Lifesaving sports activities consist of elements of rescue, such as speed of reaction, running, swimming or board paddling towards a person at sea and back with them in the shortest time. The competitions consist of performing various tasks in teams and as individuals such as those performed by lifeguards at the beach (runners, paddlers, swimmers.)

Participating in the inaugural demonstration event at the Maccabiah at Poleg Beach were participants from around the world including from Israel, Morocco, Australia, France, Singapore, South Africa, and Poland. In addition, the event was judged by judges of the International Life Saving Federation from Morocco, Germany and England.

During the Maccabiah events, on July 20, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Israel Life Saving Federation and Royal Moroccan Lifesaving Federation (RMLF), whose representatives came to Israel especially to take part in a series of sport lifesaving events and activities.

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