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Age manager volunteer

Adult and parent volunteers help ensure the success of our youth programs.

Israel Life Saving Federation welcomes all volunteers and parent involvement. To ensure the success of our programs and ILSF we need you!


In order to volunteer you are required to complete an Age Management course. If you would like to volunteer in the water, you are required to complete a Water-Safety course as well.


Age Management is a requirement for all volunteers.


Age Management is 1.5 hour course (not on the beach).


An Age Manager is responsible for:

  • The care, safety, well-being and development of the participants.

  • Facilitating the development of surf lifesaving skills (movement skills, surf awareness).

  • Personal skills (confidence, teamwork, leadership) of the participants.

Participants will acquire basic water safety and rescue skills, knowledge of the beach environment and basic leadership skills.


Participants will receive an ILSF Age Manager certificate upon completion of the course. You are fully insured under the insurance policy of ILSF.


**Please Note: All male volunteers over the age of 18 are required to have police clearance.

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