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Health Declaration & Registration

Please fill out the following form
in order to participate in our activity.

Are you suffering from a medical condition, illness, allergy or injury?

I undertake to notify the staff immediately of any illness/limitation/allergy/health problem that is discovered during the activity. I am aware that a lack of disclosure can endanger the participant, and/or other participants in the activity.

Consult your staff and family doctor before participating in the activity.

General conditions:

The guide/volunteer/participant, whose details are listed in this sign-up form(the instructor/volunteer/participant) hereby wishes to

participate in the activities of a marine rescue guard (the activity and the association).

  1. The term "claim"; contains any legal process, or quasi-legal process, complaint, kovalena, financial or non-monetary requirement.

  2. I know that the activity involves physical activity and physical exertion, swimming in the sea under different weather conditions and contact with rescue equipment, and therefore can be dangerous to health and human life.

  3. I undertake to comply with the team's safety instructions and instructions, lifeguards, signage and any law.

  4. I herein waive any claim against the Association and/or its members and/or its management committee, and/or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with my participation in the activity.

  5. I agree that the participation of the instructor/volunteer/participant in the activity is subject to the full discretion of the association and the staff and that the association may cease the participation of the instructor/volunteer in the activity at any time and for any reason, without requiring to provide reasons for it. The participation of the instructor/volunteer in the activity does not grant any right to participate in any other or additional activities of the association.

  6. I am aware that the association is a registered nonprofit, and that joining the activity does not give any right in connection with the organization, including membership in the organization.

  7. These Terms are subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa will have exclusive authority in connection with any matter arising from these Terms, and there will be no authority for any other court.

  8. I hereby agree and confirm that the Association shall be entitled to make use of and publish the photos of the instructors/volunteers/participants in the activity, and/or on behalf of and/or the age of the guides/volunteers, at the sole discretion of the Association, including for the purpose of advertising in local and international media and/or social networks, on the organization's website, social information websites and any advertising and media material of the Maritime Rescue Guard (NR). I also agree and confirm that I will not be entitled to any payment and/or royalties in connection with the foregoing, and no claim and/or claim will be heard and/or received in connection with this.

  9. The Guide/Volunteer/Participant hereby confirms that all intellectual property rights belonging to ILSF on this date, And all rights in everything developed and/or created during the Program will belong exclusively to ILSF, and the Guide/Volunteer/Participant hereby acknowledges that it undertaking to associate with the relevant party (or, if such affiliation cannot be made for any reason, hereby waives its right to benefit the relevant party) to take all necessary steps and sign any document in favor of associating intellectual property rights with a relevant party in any way that develops the program.

  10. The guide/volunteer/participant undertakes to keep the training, techniques and any document or intellectual property provided to him by ILSF during the program, and will use these materials solely for the purposes of the program and ILSF purposes, and will not use them for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of ILSF.

  11. The guide/volunteer/participant declares that there is no legal and/or contractual and/or other impediment to his participation in the program, and that no consent is required from any employer of the applicant or any other relevant party, and/or that such consent has been obtained and transferred to the Maritime Rescue Guard (SR) upon request.

Thanks for submitting!

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