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Helping Israeli children and youth traumatized and displaced from their home due to Hamas' massacre and Israel's war with Gaza
Help us help them!

Our Resilience Rescue Program, inspired by the iconic Surf Life Saving Australia Nippers, builds youth self-confidence through training in rescue, first aid, leadership, teamwork, and life-saving sports. It's uniquely tailored to help children recover from trauma, guided by child trauma specialists from Emotion Aid for a compassionate, professional approach and Israel Life Saving Federation (ILSF) certified instructors.


Why ILSF? Throughout 2023, ILSF ran surf rescue programs in the southern region and has fostered close partnerships with local communities, cultivating strong bonds with both community leaders and especially the children and youth in the area. 


They know us, they trust us! Help us help them!


The youth in the surrounding communities of Gaza are currently grappling with severe emotional distress as they struggle to come to terms with the aftermath of recent terror attacks. 

  • Youths near Gaza face severe emotional distress after recent terror attacks. 

  • Thousands of children and adolescents were forced from their homes, traumatized, and feeling helpless about their future. 

  • This trauma endangers their well-being and could lead to long-term mental health challenges. 

  • Immediate support for necessities like food and clothing was received. 

  • Urgent need to provide emotional support to aid their healing process.


Call for Action

In March 2023 ILSF partnered with JNF Australia to support the communities in the surrounding Gaza region ILSF has collaborated with over 300 children and youth from communities around Gaza, including Kibbutz Erez, Kibbutz Nitzanim, Eshkol, Kfar Silver, Kibbutz Gvaram, and Ashkelon. These children and youth know and trust us, and look to us for support during this challenging period. We have well-established programs that are ready to be deployed, tried and tested to deliver healthy and positive outcomes. 

The Resilience Rescue Program, inspired by the Australian Life Saving Youth Development Educational Program (Nippers), concentrates on building self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-empowerment among the youth. This is achieved through training in rescue, first aid, leadership, teamwork, and life-saving sports in a positive and enjoyable group setting. 

The program aims to help these young children regain trust in themselves and the positive aspects of humanity. Mental health support is most effectively provided in a group setting, guided by professionals who create a safe and engaging environment. 

The "Resilience Rescue Program" is under the supervision of ILSF-certified instructors and child trauma experts from Emotion Aid, led by Dr. Cathy Lawi, ensuring a sensitive and caring approach to addressing the unique needs of these youth. 

ILSF urgently requires financial support to implement this program and address the pressing mental health issues faced by these youth.


Program outline

  • Specifically adapted to non beach environments based on Home Front restrictions 

  • Targeting children aged 7-17, with a focus on youth activities. LSF aims to reach three temporary community locations (hotels, displaced centres) with youth programs tailored to their needs three times a week. 

  • The Resilience Rescue Program spans three months, with possible extensions. 

  • Multiple groups of up to 30 participants will be accommodated at each location, with three time -weekly visits.

Call for urgent support

We need your help to implement this program swiftly. Each day, challenges mount, and it's our collective duty to address our youth's pressing mental health issues. Join us in helping them find hope ,light and direction. 


About Israel Life Saving Federation

● ILSF, a registered non-profit since 2019, bringing the Australian Surf Life Saving Model to Israel, with the aim of creating water safety volunteer communities and reducing drownings on Israeli shores.

● Successfully implementing the Nippers program, ILSF focuses on building self-confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in a fun and positive environment for youth.

● ILSF is an official member of The International Life Saving Federation.


Australian Friends of Israel Life Saving Federation Ltd (AFILSF): Established in June 2021, supports ILSF by raising funds and receiving tax-deductible donations in Australia.

For further details don't hesitate to get in touch with Paul Hakim CEO of ILSF 


Phone: +972 528577666

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Help us help them!


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