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Bronze Medallion
(international surf rescue certificate)

Israel Life Saving Federation is proud to present in 2022 Israel’s first-ever international surf rescue certification, known as the Bronze Medallion. The Bronze Medallion is the world’s most advanced surf rescue program and is based on the Australian model for water safety and ocean rescue.


Israel Life Saving Federation is an official associated member of the 130-member International Life Saving Federation. Participants in the ILSF course will receive an internationally recognized certification upon the successful completion of the course.


The 2022 Bronze Medallion course was held October 26-November 1, and was taught by internationally renowned surf lifesaving expert Doug Hawkins, who flew to Israel from Australia especially to teach the course.

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Course goals:

  1. Apply knowledge of the surf environment including hazards and surf conditions;

  2. Safely perform a rescue using appropriate equipment (board and tube) and rescue techniques while following Surf Life Saving procedures;

  3. Apply surf skills and techniques for self-survival in the water while negotiating prevailing surf conditions with or without a flotation device;

  4. Respond to an emergency situation requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR);

  5. Perform a primary victim assessment including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of an automated external defibrillator (AED);

  6. Respond to an emergency situation requiring first aid;

  7. Perform a secondary victim assessment and apply appropriate first aid procedures;

  8. Identify and manage victims with a suspected spinal cord injury;

  9. Accurately report and convey first aid incident details to emergency response services while maintaining confidentiality

  10. Give, receive and act upon instructions within an agreed timeframe and to meet Surf Life Saving needs.

Photo courtesy of Tomer Appelbaum / Haaretz.

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