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Teen graduate saves three boys from drowning

Thanks to South African Olah, Michal Hoppenstein, for allowing us to share this important post about her son, Ashi: "I’m so proud of Ashi and thankful to Paul Hakim and the rest of the team at the Israel Israel Life Saving Federation for all that they have taught Ashi over last few years.

"It was a gorgeous morning on Beit Yanai Beach, great waves, no beach lifesavers (winter season). We were standing on the shore and Ashi, with his surfboard, was approached by a man standing near us who noticed that there were 3 people (teenage boys) bobbing in big waves in the distance who were being pulled out by a riptide and were struggling to swim against the riptide in order to get back to the shore.

"Ashi paddled out on his surfboard and shouted and pointed to the teenage boys that they needed to swim horizontally out of the riptide and not against the riptide in order to get back to the shore. All three teenage boys got back to the shore safely .Sea Lifesaving Education and Training save lives!"

Ashi adds this important message: "The sea is a very dangerous place. I think more people should be taught about how to be safe in the sea."

Account as retold to Telfed.

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