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Our partner in the UAE: Saving lives and advancing peace through surf lifesaving

Surf lifesaving truly is a global movement, and a platform for partnerships and building peace. Israel Life Saving Federation is proud to be signing a memorandum of understanding to save lives with Dubai's surf lifesaving club, Viking Surf Sports in the United Arab Emirates.

The Israeli and Emirati lifesaving organizations are committed to work together to advance education and lifesaving programs for youth in Israel and the UAE. The MOU is an expression of our shared values, which include advancing water safety, creating global connections and building a better world.

The signing is scheduled to take place at the Expo2020 Australian Pavilion in Dubai on March 28.

Our CEO Paul Hakim recently had the honor of visiting Dubai's surf lifesaving club and watch their Nippers (6 and unders) in action.

The Dubai nippers learned to paddle on surfboards in the ocean, and participated in competitions in the sand alongside the Persian/Arabian Gulf. We look forward to hosting the UAE lifesavers in Israel for the Maccabiah in July.

Australia's deputy consulate general in Abu Dhabi, John Cavanagh, came out for the occasion. ILSF thanks our host Steve Mullar, president of Viking Dubai Life Saving Club.

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