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ILSF discusses drowning prevention with Israel Interior Ministry officials

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

ILSF executives met with officials from Israel's Interior Ministry in Tel Aviv in order to discuss how to prevent drownings along Israel's coasts. ISLF representatives presented the organization's activities to government representatives and described how the Australian surf lifesaving model could work in Israel. The representatives discussed potential collaboration between Israeli authorities and the ISLF in order to prevent drownings in Israel.

Participants included ILSF CEO Paul Hakim, ILSF Chairwoman Ravit Ben Amichai and ILSF Treasurer Lisa Segalov, as well as Ataf Hir Aldin, director of swimming beaches at Israel's Interior Ministry.

The ILSF representatives described the organization's four focuses: Youth and adult education, training community volunteers, preparing for future beach patrols staffed by first responders with international Bronze Medallion certification, and surf lifesaving water sport.

Representatives of the ILSF and the Interior Ministry vowed to continue working together. Ataf Hir Aldin, director of swimming beaches Israel's Ministry of Interior, invited ISLF to present at the March regional coastal council.

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