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ILSF brings together Jewish and Arab youth for water safety education

Updated: May 28, 2023

ILSF is proud to have launched a Fureidis / Zichron Yaakov school partnership program.

Under the program, we are teaching both Jewish and Muslim Israel schoolchildren water safety and drowning prevention skills, as well as bringing together both communities with respect and love for our beaches and most importantly, for all people.

Through the program on Dor beach, the Arab and Jewish students are learning where to enter the water when they go to the beach, and when not to go in at all. The students learn to respect and care for the environment. They learn what an emergency looks like in an aquatic setting, and who to call for help. The students also are learning the basics of surf rescue.

The teens also get a chance to know those from the other community, and learn from both Muslim and Jewish instructors.

Who wouldn’t want to skip class to spend mornings on the beach?

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