Water Safety Supervisors are volunteers who contribute to the success of all of our programs both by educating and keeping all participants safe in the water.

To be a Water Safety Supervisor you must:
  • complete the Age Manager course PLUS
  • complete the Water Safety Supervisor course.

A Water Safety supervisor is responsible for the water safety of the participants in the water.

A Water Safety supervisor will learn:
  • Signs of drowning.
  • Drowning prevention chain.
  • Board rescue – conscious and unconscious patient.
  • Tube rescue- conscious and unconscious patient.
  • Surf awareness- beach type, rip current identification.
  • Identification of causes of accidents and injuries
  • CPR and first aid.
Prerequisite for participants in this course: swim 150 meters in 6 minutes & 1 minute float.

Water Safety is for those who are good swimmers and want to supervise in the water, and be on the rescue boards - this is a challenging course of 12 hours in total: 3 hours theory and 9 hours on the beach.

Upon completion of the Water-Safety course, participants will receive a ILSF Water Safety Certificate.

You are fully insured under the insurance policy of ILSF.

**Please Note: All male volunteers over the age of 18 are required to have a Police clearance. 

Water-Safety SupervisorWater-Safety Supervisor