All Nippers participants need to be able to float and tread  in order to participate in the program. There is a compulsory basic standard swimming test that all Nippers have to undertake before the course..
Please view swimming requirements
The basic swim test is based on the following  


Minimum requirement- swimming

Minimum requirement - floating

Under 8

25m swimming (any stroke)

1 minute

Under 9

25m swimming (any stroke)

1 minute

Under 10

25m swimming (crawl)

1.5 minutes

Under 11

50m swimming (crawl)

2 minutes

Under 12

100m swimming (crawl)

2 minutes

Under 13

150m swimming (crawl)

3 minutes

Under 14

200m swimming (crawl)

3 minutes

The swim test is held in at the Kfar Hamakabia pool in Ramat Gan. on Thursday, July 2nd OR Wednesday, July 22.

Nippers are divided into groups according to their age and skills
Approximately 3 hours
Each session lasts about 3 hours. Nippers learn how to swim in the sea (not the same as swimming in a  pool), will row on surfboards, have running competitions and relay races.
Nippers also learn about safety at the beach and the marine environment.
The Nippers program costs 850 NIS per child. We encourage parents/ guardians to volunteer as Age Managers or in other capacities and Volunteer membership costs 100 NIS.
Yes.  We have discounts for families with more than one child attending.
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Skills that Nippers learn include: 
  • dolphin diving
  • life-saving swimming
  • how to use a lifesaving belt
  • how to use a lifesaving board
  • what to do if the person drowning is unconscious vs conscious
Each participant needs to bring/ wear:
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen  
  • 2L of water  
  • Goggles- optional
  • The swim Shirt that Nippers are given out at the first session
All ILSF activities have a lifeguard present. ILSF employs additional life guards and water safety instructors who are both in the water and on the beach with participants at all times.
​​​​Yes! All of our activities are in accordance with official guidelines
Of course! There is an initial membership fee of 100NIS which covers insurance
  • Each Nipper is required to satisfy preliminary swim test a couple of weeks before the program 
  • Trained water safety experts and trained volunteers are  in the water and on the beach at all times
  • A lifesaver is present at all times
Magen David Adom  is present at all times