Dolphins (src)

Dolphins (src)

Our teens (ages 14-17) "Dolphins" Program Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) course provides participants with the skills and knowledge of basic surf awareness and surf rescue techniques in a fun filled experience.

Safety and well being
  • Knowledge of the surf environment, including hazards & surf conditions.
Surf awareness skills
  • Surf skills & techniques for self-survival in water while negotiating prevailing surf conditions with or without a flotation device.
  • Enhancing team communication and public awareness.
Surf rescue techniques
  • Perform a surf rescue using SLSA certified equipment & rescue techniques.
First-aid & CPR
  • Learning basic anatomy and understanding of human body.
  • Basic first aid skills with a focus on preserving life and preventing injury.
  • Respond to an emergency situation requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Marine Environment Studies and Conservation
  • Deeper understanding of the coastal environment and its inhabitants.

Prerequisite for participants in this course: swim 200 meters in 5 minutes and 1 minute float.
Upon completion of the SRC course you receive the ILSF Surf Rescue Certificate.

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